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Spray Tan

Our SunnaTan Spray Tan will leave your skin tanned, healthy and moisturized. SunnaTan products are carefully crafted and formulated, using safe, natural and organic ingredients. 


Our tanners do not have any synthetic bronzers and have an amazing, light citrus scent derived from essential oils. The exclusive all-natural tanning formula work with each unique skin tone to deliver a flawless glow. Your tan will gradually darken over time and will naturally fade within 5-7 days. Should any residue be left behind on clothing or sheets, it will easily wash out without staining.


Key Features: Vegan and cruelty free, paraben free, eco-certified DHA, natural caramel color for bronzing.

20-30 minute session for $53

What Our Clients Say

I had my first Sunna Spray Tan and it was a fabulous experience! Regan went over what each product was, why it was used, and how it was used prior to applying it. She walked me through each step of the process explaining everything. The entire tanning process was super quick and easy. After the tanning session I didn't have that self tanner smell, I wasn't sticky or tacky, and I wasn't overly bronzed. As the tan developed, it resulted in a subtle and natural, sunkissed tone. I'm not streaky, splotchy or orange. You can't even tell that my tan is a spray tan, that's how natural looking it is. Overall, my Sunna Spray Tan was an awesome experience. Definitely will continue this sunless tan approach in the future!

Shannon H

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